Global trends and challenges

Jan 22, 2014 EST

• CEOs are also anticipating a number of seismic shifts on the horizon.

• They told us that they believe three global trends -
technological advances, demographic changes and shifts in economic power - would have a significant impact on their businesses over the next five years.

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• When we asked CEOs what they thought would be the next big thing that would revolutionise society, business or their industry in the next 10 years, technology was their top pick.

• To anticipate this 9 out of 10 are actually changing their technology investments. But there's a glaring gap between aspiration and execution.

• While 90% told us they are changing their technology investments, a little more than a quarter have made any headway in getting to grips with big data. And almost two-thirds think their R&D function is insufficiently prepared to capitalise on the trends now transforming business. 

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