Talk To Your Teen About Marijuana

Mar 19, 2015 EDT

Dear PSA Director:
Legalization of marijuana is a popular topic of conversation as states across the country are starting to sell the drug legally to those over the age of 21. But because it's legal for adults, does that mean teenagers think it's now okay to try marijuana themselves? 
According to a new research study by Rosecrance Health Network, a 501C3 organization, more than three fourths of teens believe that with the legalization of marijuana, teenagers may be more likely to experiment with the drug. And they also believe that having easier access to marijuana may accelerate teenagers in trying other drugs, including heroin.

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There is no safe level of substance use among teenagers. Their brains are still developing, and substances can cause permanent damage. Recent research shows that even casual use of marijuana can cause structural damage to the brain and heart-related complications.  

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