Dr. Alan Hirsch, M.D., Neurologist and Author of "Life's a Smelling Success"

Mar 03, 2014 EST

Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch Shares a New Study on the Power of Scent and Gives 5 Easy Tips to Transition Out of the Winter Blues

Ready to say goodbye to shorter days and colder nights? As we come out of one of the most frigid winters on record, many Americans are looking forward to leaving the dreary cold behind them.

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Before you get sucked into another polar vortex, neurologist and author of "Life's a Smelling Success", Dr. Alan Hirsch talks about how to kick old man winter's butt and smell your way to a better mood. He shares highlights on a new study that compared the emotional responses to music to those of a specific scent profile - proving scent to be a more powerful mood booster than your favorite tune!

He also discusses how smell can not only make you happy, but affect behavior, and even consumer brand preference and shows you easy ways to bring that lighter mood into your home. 

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