Park A Spark Fonted Package

Jan 16, 2015 EST

From dodging traffic to finding places to park, getting around urban cities is intimidating. But in New York, even if you DO find a parking spot, squeezing into it is hard enough before you consider the aggressive cabbies, moving targets like pedestrians and bicycles, and of course...meter maids. 

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But parallel parking is tough no matter where you live. The hardest part is gauging how much distance you have from the curb, and getting a tight wheel turn so that you can back into the parking space without having to negotiate back and forth. And back and forth. And back and forth.
At a recent parallel parking contest in Manhattan, four participants competed to see who could fit in the tightest spot without hitting any obstacles in the shortest amount of time. The winner was able to park a 12-foot long Chevrolet Spark in a 14-foot space, in just under a New York minute. 
So if you happen to live in an area where parking comes at a premium, mini-cars like the Spark are not only fun to drive, but can save a lot of time and money, when it comes to squeezing into a spot! 
This video contains footage from parallel parking, soundbites from the judges, participants and of course the winner who has now been crowned NYC Par-King. 

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